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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

April/May Update

Since our last post, we have been to Salt Lake City, as well as Orlando together. Additionally, Paul has been to San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Seattle coming up next week on business. It has certainly been interesting.

In Salt Lake City, we stayed at the Marriott Downtown in SLC, and were out there for a good friend's wedding. Our friend, Paul (and his new wife Jaime!), got married at a really cool garden area on the side of the mountain range, Rose Sachs Garden. While we were in Utah, we got a chance to see the Great Salt Lake (over-rated), Park City (Wasach Brewery was amazing - I recommend Polygamy Porter), the Winter Olympic Park in Park City, as well as Temple Square. We also had dinner at the Red Rock Brewery in downtown SLC. SLC is a really nice place, and we soon found out how nice they are when Gina's Macbook died. Sunday morning, the day of the wedding, we woke up, and Gina's laptop was acting weird. Turns out, the hard drive just died, and we needed to take it into the local Apple Store to get it checked out. Without an appointment, we walked in, and they took care of us. Thank goodness everything was under the Apple Care service plan! Gina was back up and running in a matter of an hour or so! Overall, SLC was a really nice place.

The next trip we took was to Orlando. Paul had a conference in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center, and it happened to coincide with our 1 year anniversary. Gina came along, and we had a great time! We flew out of Philadelphia, and the night before our flight, we went to the restaurant we went to the night after our wedding, Bistro Romano. Great Italian food! In Orlando, we hung out and went to a few nice restaurants, and on our actual 1 year anniversary, we went to Universal Studios and rode all of the rides. We had a really great time! The rest of the week in Orlando went well - 95 degrees every day, and Gina got to sit by the pool and write while Paul got to put on a 2-piece suit every day and walk 2 blocks in the heat to the convention center. Something doesn't sound right about that! ;-) We stayed in the Peabody Hotel, which was a nice change of pace from the standard Marriott and Westin Hotels. Every day at noon, they have ducks that walk through the lobby and sit by a fountain. Pretty interesting.

After Orlando, Paul had a short 2-day training class in Philly, then he was off to San Francisco. Paul stayed in the Westin St. Francis in downtown San Francisco (which is really nice!), and spent most of his time out there at the corporate offices in Menlo Park, CA. Paul also got up to see Sacramento, which was interesting - he saw where the Governator works! It was an interesting time to be out there with the Prop 8 law being considered by the CA State Supreme Court. Lots of demonstrations, and a flood of people going through SFO airport. Unfortunately, Gina couldn't be on the trip with Paul, but perhaps next time he goes to San Francisco.

Next on the list is Seattle. Paul is supposed to fly out next week, and will be there on business for 3-4 days. If Gina was going along with Paul, she would be going out to Forks, WA, where the movie Twilight is based. Who knows as of now what the schedule will look like, and if Gina can go with Paul, I'm sure she'll find a way :-).

Fun times over the past few months, and fortunately, a major change of pace from the first 3 months of the year! Is anyone else traveling a lot? Any fun trips anyone is taking?

-Paul & Gina